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5 Astonishing Benefits Of Rattan Furniture

benefits of rattan furniture


Rattan Furniture is practical and irresistible decor endorsed with valuable perks that will delight! 

What is the wicker furniture hype? And what are some of the benefits of rattan furniture? When I first saw rattan furniture it was in my grandma's backyard. I instantly associated it with vintage furniture, but then I soon discovered that there are hundreds of rattan styles! Some styles are combined with wicker weaving or even painted. I’ve seen extremely ornate styles with details so intricate you could get lost in them and rattan that speaks to minimalists. I specifically love rattan when decorating boho-chic living rooms and bedrooms, but it can be styled to fit even the most modern and upscale look! To say the least, it’s versatile, but that’s just the beginning of it! Here I review 5 astonishing benefits of rattan furniture that make up some of the top reasons rattan furniture is so sensational and loved.


Rattan is the quickest growing tropical wood, taking only 5-7 years to mature. The tropical vine can grow on average 2 cm a day. Because rattan vines grow on trees it can encourage the local communities to conserve their forests. Rattan is a renewable resource that provides loggers an alternative to deforestation. The economical value of rattan can help protect rainforests. 

The production and transportation of rattan furniture is also a factor to take into consideration with its sustainability. Low tech methods are used to produce the furniture. These methods do not require production facilities that pollute the environment. Since rattan is a lightweight material and does not weigh the same amount as solid wood or metal furniture, shipping this rattan furniture takes less resources, too. 

All and all buying new has an impact on the environment, making it important to take the environment into consideration. Buying our rattan furniture and decor is a way you can reduce your carbon footprint while incorporating stylish and enchanting furniture in your life. We hope that these natural designs will connect you closer to earth and encourage you to make sustainable decisions in your everyday life.




As I mentioned before, rattan furniture is lightweight making it easy to transport but also easy to move and restyle. I love rearranging furniture to fit the season or my mood plus there’s nothing wrong with a little change! With rattan furniture you can seamlessly reorganize your space. One year your entryway rattan bench might make its way into your bedroom at the end of your bed or over to your kids room as they outgrow that crib. Another benefit is seen with our hanging chairs. For most it’s easy to put up and take down these chairs making your space versatile and layout ever changing. Overall lightweight furniture serves in numerous ways and gives you flexibility when and where you need.

Rattan Furniture Can Last For Generations

We spoke a little bit about the rattan plant, but there is so much more to know about these magnificent species. Rattan is actually a vine that is found in Asian and African countries and makes up about 600 different varieties. It’s habit of climbing trees is directly related to its flexible woody structure. Rattan is similar to bamboo but differs in the sense that it is solid and needs a frame to support its growth. 70% of rattan is from Indonesia, where our partners sustainably source and handcraft rattan stems into one of a kind rattan designs. Since rattan has dense stems that are weather resistant and naturally insect repellent the furniture that is created is durable and sturdy. There is still rattan furniture rattling around from the 40’s and 50’s today! As long as you care for it properly, this furniture can be handed down to the next generation.   

Rattan Furniture Connects Us To Nature

The malleability of rattan vines makes for endless creations! Numerous rattan craftsmen and women have found their own specific styles. What you found available in the early nineteen hundreds might not be what’s available now. But the styles are timeless and you can still find vintage designs either refurbished or updated to meet the needs of today. Maybe rattan furniture is so loved because of its ability to mimic the natural elements that we are so intrinsically inspired by everyday. Rattan has the ability to make layered, looped and trellised patterns portraying similar qualities of nature. As Edward O. Wilson’s book Biophilia suggests we have “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life” and have the innate tendency to seek connection with nature. We innately want to be close to nature and this furniture satisfies this craving. Which brings me to my next point… how natural material brings good vibes and lightness to your living room and living spaces.

Relax and Unwind

If you're a furniture lover like myself you know that there’s something about woven rattan that does wonders to interior and exterior designs. Unlike cut, furbished and carved wood this natural material is almost unadulterated and resembles nature itself. It’s like adding a houseplant to your sad bathroom and for once you see the potential of your small gray washroom. When we bring nature into our homes we become connected to a more natural way of life, we slow down and become more aware.

The boho chic movement can be viewed in many ways, but ultimately, this is my take on it... We incorporate boho decor in our living rooms with the desire to live in a more simple and slower way; rekindling lost relations with nature. Rattan furniture can categories itself in boho style because of it’s raw and natural material. We all need to reconnect to nature, and it is more important now than ever to find ways to slow down and get in touch with what is earthly. Rattan furniture has the potential to brighten your room while uplifting your spirits so you can unwind and recharge. Why not love rattan furniture for its ability to help you relax?

5 Conclusive Benefits of Rattan Furniture

We’ve looked at multiple benefits of rattan furniture including world wide impacts and influences directly at home. Rattan furniture has the potential to save rainforests by switching loggers to harvesting a more sustainable material. It’s lightweight properties also make it a sustainable option and gives you ease and flexibility when moving furniture around. Just because it’s lightweight does not take away its natural durability and the fact that rattan furniture can last for generations! This untamed material emphasizes wild beauty and connects us with nature. Rattan furniture can even help us relax by reminding us to slow down with the influence of nature. 

The bottom line is that there’s a rattan design out there for everyone, and it’s more than what you thought it could be. Do you think you might love rattan now? We sure do! Can we switch to a more sustainable way of living while relaxing and rejuvenating in stylish decor? We think so! 

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