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Rattan Furniture Insights: Stylish Outdoor Living Trends

  • A Brilliant Take on How to Decorate with Throw Pillows

      The look of perfectly combined and layered throw pillows is an art in itself. Combining throw pillows seems naively easy, but once you take a sh...
  • Boho Chic Design and How to Incorporate Rattan in Your Home

    Learn how to create a boho chic room by overlapping natural elements with a taste of luxury and incorporating blissful rattan furniture. Are you ...
  • How to Clean Rattan Furniture, Make Your Rattan Last Longer

    Rattan furniture can last for years and it’s life can span longer with a little upkeep and care. Take a little time to dust, inspect and clean your rattan furniture so it can last longer and stay in its best possible shape! Here we have broken down how to care for your rattan.

  • 5 Astonishing Benefits Of Rattan Furniture

    Rattan furniture has the potential to save rainforests by switching loggers to harvesting a more sustainable material. It’s lightweight properties also make it a sustainable option and gives you ease and flexibility when moving furniture around. Just because it’s lightweight does not take away its natural durability and the fact that rattan furniture can last for generations! This untamed material emphasises wild beauty and connects us with nature. Rattan furniture can even help us relax by reminding us to slow down with the influence of nature.