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Picnic Imports' Story

It All Started From...

It all started from a photo. It was of a vintage French rattan sofa that I just had to find. I thought, certainly a company out there could reproduce this rattan sofa. After weeks of internet binge source-searching, I found a team of artisans in Indonesia who could make what has now become our signature Sausalito Rattan Sofa. We immediately started a partnership that grew into a business intending to bring unique handmade rattan furniture to the US market.

Since then, we’ve only fallen more in love with the grace and lightness rattan brings to a room and the way the natural materials and handmade products ground us in our mass-produced world. We are thrilled to be apart of the recent resurgence of rattan furniture and excited for the opportunity to offer these modern takes on vintage styles!

Join us as we continue to find distinctive rattan pieces from around the world and share our love of design - and the love put into these products - with you!


The Story Behind The Name

Picnic Imports was my alternative to a mid-life crisis. Haha, no, but seriously. Two decades in commercial real estate and enduring breast cancer treatment made me pause and reevaluate. I had a fresh look at life, and it was time for me to indulge in what I loved the most, design.

My mother, Sharon, passed on her love of style and creative spirit to me. One of our favorite activities was to decorate together; we’d set our daily lives on pause and immerse ourselves in the world of color and style.

The name of our company is in her honor. One of my dearest memories is helping her memorize lines to a play called Picnic. When she passed, I wanted to preserve those precious childhood memories and the connection we had around creativity.

When I think of the word “Picnic,” I think of my mother’s impact on me and light-hearted summer days picnicking in the park, and this brings me joy. I get the same sense of joy and optimism when I walk into a room with an elegant rattan daybed and vibrant, unique decor. Subsequently, the name Picnic Imports sums up these feelings. Picnic Imports is my love of design and childhood memories wrapped up in one, but it also represents my desire to share these feelings of joy with others.

- Kristin, Owner & Founder
picnic imports story
Kristin (left) and her mother, Sharon (right)