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Boho Chic Design and How to Incorporate Rattan in Your Home

boho chic design with rattan furniture

Learn how to create a boho chic room by overlapping natural elements with a taste of luxury and incorporating blissful rattan furniture.

Are you in love with neutral tones and chic designs that free and calm you as you enter a room? Do you want to bring more natural elements inside your home? Then continue reading, this article is just for you! Neutral tones and natural elements remind us of bohemian trends. When you combine bohemian with some minimalist attributes and a modern swing and you get boho chic! In this article we discuss how to bring a boho chic design into your bedroom, living room and home. Our favorite way to start is with rattan!

Rattan is becoming more and more popular recently and is showing up in all sorts of interior decorating. It’s casual yet classy, complimenting a wide range of designs. Our most-loved way to incorporate rattan in your home is when you’re creating a boho chic dreamland! 

Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate rattan decor specifically when decorating for a boho chic look. First, we will talk about bohemian style features and chic design. Then we bring together chic and boho elements to design a boho chic room. We also include how rattan can be incorporated in your home specially if you're looking to design a boho chic room. In our other blog we discuss other astonishing benefits to rattan furniture beyond their style specific elements. 

boho design room with layered pillows

The Boho Design

A boho style is considered eclectic and relaxed with multiple interesting patterns and textures. Mismatching and layering is encouraged! Boho decor has stories attached and more often than not pieces are second hand, vintage and thrift store finds. 

Boho invites natural elements through warm and earthy color schemes. It also uses wood furniture and natural materials. Bohemian decor represents a relaxed freedom that is globally inspired with intoxicating pieces. Think Moroccan tea lounge with hanging lanterns, piles of pillows and draping curtains.

Boho Design - Layering 

Bohemian designs trend towards maximalist instead of minimalist; the more the better! The fad of layering rugs comes from boho interiors and has become very popular. To get a true boho style start seeking out uniquely patterned textiles in rugs, pillows, tapestries and cloths. One way to master layers is by adding a colorful fabric or small table cloth to the top of your couch. You can also try hanging a small rug on your wall. Even a one-off chair like a rattan flower chair can add layers to a room. A picture collage looks more layered and boho than one or two centered photos on your wall. But it doesn’t stop there…layered curtains are another classic way to get that boho inspired room.

Use shelves and side tables to stack your favorite books with funky vintage glassware on top. Another way to get this layered and maximalist feel is to decorate with plants and find patterned pots to bring more warmth to your living room or bedroom.

Don’t worry about patterns not matching, stick to a color scheme and then get creative! First take the time to figure out your color scheme. Whether your color scheme includes neutrals, greens and reds, dark blues, or deep purples, pick one and then add a few accent colors and there you go!

Boho Design - Earthy Color Schemes

Rooms that speak to the boho style stick to a few common color schemes. These color schemes tend to be warmer tones. Even if cool colors are present their brightness has been dialed down to be darker, deeper and faded. Think about what colors you can easily find in nature from earth and plants. Finding inspiration in color schemes from the beach, dessert, sunsets and forests are a great place to start. Neutral tones truly bring out a boho style but when we start to see more whites, creams and beige we associate it with boho chic. Yes, we will begin to discuss boho chic very soon!

Boho Design - Natural Elements

The bohemian style brings nature indoors. To get this look it helps to incorporate more natural elements and natural materials in your bedroom or living room. Wood furniture such as wooden book shelves, shelves, side tables, sofas and chairs help add a boho look. Incorporate furniture that has as little alterations from its natural state as possible. This is when we start to look towards bamboo, wicker and rattan! 

A rattan sofa uses not only natural material but the original state of the plant can be seen. A rattan couch even includes natural designs such as loops and curves that mimic nature. In boho kid’s rooms wooden toys and coat racks (even coat hangers) are made out of rattan or other natural materials. Rattan, bamboo and wicker (woven rattan) are wonderful materials that make furniture feel more boho. You can find almost any furniture item in rattan, from baby changing tables and baby bassinets to side tables and pendant lights.

Let’s take a step into another style room.

chic design room with white decor

The Chic Design

What is synonymous with chic? Elegant, modish, sharp and sophisticated. The actual definition is “being in a clean and tidy state”. 

This may seem quite the opposite of what we just described for boho style. Surprisingly when you master the art of combining these two styles a crips, earthy and calming room can be created.  

Chic can be used to describe a style that is casual but still modern and fresh. Chic decorating uses a lot of white and cozy elements. The layering technique is present but minimal and in a more organized fashion. Think baskets with blankets instead of draped blankets on chairs and lamps! 

Since chic stems from a French style there are elegant attributes. A chaise lounge or decorative bench at the end of your bed can classify as chic decorating. We’ve already touched on it a little, but let's take a deeper look at how to incorporate these two styles.

boho chic design living room

The Boho Chic Design

Boho style is all about mismatch, quirkiness and a little bit of organized hodgepodge! We adore many attributes of boho style, but if you’re looking for a more simplistic and airy feel you must take other chic styles into consideration. You can put a modern and graceful lens over your boho room or decorate your chic living space with bohemian decorating techniques, either way you’ll end up with a decadent and natural delight! 

Boho Chic Design - Color Schemes

You may be asking, how do you take away some but leave other boho style elements? Well don’t take away all the patterns and layered aspects, just simplify it by sticking to neutral colors. You can use other hues but try sticking to light warm colors close to neutral instead of deep blue and purples. You can start with neutrals and creams as a base but accent with a dark green or dark red. You can even use plants as your accent color. House plants for color are a wonderful strategy and can help your bohemian space stay chic.

Boho Chic Design - Furniture and Decor

Continue to decorate with natural material decor and furniture, but also incorporate more structured looks like wooden furniture. Although you can get away with using all rattan furniture in a boho chic room consider picking a rattan couch and a wooden side table. In the dining room try a wooden dining table but rattan dining chairs. Accent any room, even your bathroom with a rattan pendant light or wall hanging.

As we mentioned earlier patterned pots can be a great way to incorporate more patterns into your boho design. When simplifying you can exchange this pattern with a natural pattern found in rattan weaving. A rattan plant stand is a great example of keeping patterns but simplifying to more neutral colors. Rattan furniture already has a beautiful pattern element that will keep your space looking tidy and organized. Simplify don’t remove! This concept can keep your space looking laid-back while fresh and clean.

boho chic rattan chaise lounge

Boho Chic Design - Rattan Furniture 

Rattan is globally inspired and a natural material matching perfectly with boho chic decor. It embodies an elegant and clean look that makes boho decor more refined. In order to create a boho chic look, keep layers and patterns but invite more lightness and space. You can do this by using more white. You can also do this with rattan furniture. 

Rattan furniture designs do not all offer this airy feel. Picnic Imports’ rattan furniture is specifically designed to give a more spacious and breezy vibe. The style of rattan furniture that we carry matches so well with boho chic designs. The back and sides of our sofas are mostly open with curved and crisscross weaves. Everything from our flower chairs to our dog beds are structured with spacious attributes to provide a light feel to them. Our sofas and daybeds keep their lightness even once you’ve layered pillows on top.

Boho Chic Your Room!

Now take a shot at it and tell us how you did! What questions do you still have? Take a look at our rattan furniture for more inspiration. Start your living room design with an elegant and timeless rattan sofa and continue decorating from there. Overall the boho chic style is an easy and inclusive design to create. Take your current pieces and dress them up or down with different pillows or a white couch cover. All you may need is a rattan side table and tropical house plants to bring your bedroom from chic to boho chic!